Thursday, March 9, 2017

Miura K-grind wedges reinforce the brand’s reputation for excellence

Miura golf clubs have a well-deserved reputation for high quality, outstanding performance, and craftsmanship. Manufactured in Himeji, Japan, the historic seat of Japanese steel-working which produced the legendary swords of the samurai warriors,  Miura irons and wedges are forged from mild steel in an 11-step process which includes three proprietary forging steps. The special forging process creates the uniform grain structure that gives these clubs their world-class feel and performance.

The Series 1957 K-Grind wedge is a good example of the quality and craftsmanship which characterizes all of Miura’s products. The K-Grind wedges are limited-edition clubs, bearing the “Series 1957” designation in commemoration of the year founder Katsuhiro Miura’s began making golf clubs. The K-Grind wedge is distinguished by three channels ground into the sole, forming passages which increase the club’s ability to pass smoothly through heavy sand or thick rough.

The balance and feel of the K-Grind wedge is exemplary. Even without the benefit of the personalized fitting process which usually accompanies the acquisition of a club of this quality, I felt at home with the 56° K-Grind wedge after just a few swings. The club performed beautifully for me on shots ranging from full swings from the fairway to short chips from tight lies around the green.

The Miura K-Grind wedge presents a good look at address.

Out of sand – never the strongest part of my game – I was very pleased with the consistent, confidence-inspiring performance of this club. I usually play a sand wedge with significantly lower bounce than the 12 degrees of the 56° K-Grind, but I found that a firm, accelerating swing with no hesitation (one of my problems in bunkers…) produced a high-flying, soft-landing ball flight, even with the less-than-premium range balls in the bunker practice area at my local course.

Classic ball-contact surface with no gimmicks.

I had similar results with the K-Grind from the dense rough around the practice green. Whether square-to-square or with the face flared open for a higher trajectory, the club moved smoothly through the deep grass on full- and partial-swing shots, just as Mr Miura intended when he designed the fluted sole.

The K-Grind’s unique fluted sole helps the club
slide through both sand and dense rough.

Full shots on the grass-surface range with the K-Grind were fun – that’s the only way I can describe them. The high-arcing flight of a full wedge shot is one of the great joys of golf for me, and the consistent flight, precise distance control, and tight dispersion that I got out of full-swing shots with the K-Grind were the most fun I’ve had with a golf club in my hand in months.

It’s understood that Miura irons and wedges are premium clubs which command a premium price, and they are available only through specialist fitting centers – not at your local golf-and-tennis center or big-box sporting goods store. However, for the golfer who is ready to step up to a higher level of performance and precision in their “red zone” scoring clubs, these wedges are certainly worthy of consideration.

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