Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The 10 Best College Golf Courses in America

Among the factors that play into the selection of the college your son or daughter will attend, a really great golf course may figure well down the list unless a spot on the golf team is in the works. Think about it, though – college is stressful, and if your scholar is already a recreational golfer, a fun, challenging golf course on or near campus is a great resource for relaxation. How would you rather have your son or daughter decompress after a tough round of mid-terms – creeping brews at a smoky local tavern, or out in the fresh air, chasing a Titleist (well, OK, maybe a MaxFli – most college kids are on a budget…) down the sunlit greensward of the campus golf course?

The golf course at Stanford University, nestled against the Coast Range foothills at the edge of “The Farm”, was called “a complete golf course” by distinguished Stanford alum & Golf Hall-of-Fame member Tom Watson. Photo credit:

Institutes of higher learning as diverse as Stanford University, Mount Holyoke College and Texas Tech University are blessed with challenging, accessible courses, and you will find layouts designed by such giants of course architecture as Dr. Alister Mackenzie, Tom Fazio, and Charles Blair MacDonald at colleges and universities across the country (In order: Ohio State, University of Michigan; Oklahoma State University; Yale).

If you feel like researching campus golf courses is just one more thing you don’t have time to do, never fear – my friends at have already done it for you. Click over to the page The 10 Most Impressive College Golf Courses on their website and read on.

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  1. This is such a great article. My son plays golf in college and he has always looked to go golfing by himself over the breaks. However, he can never find one that is affordable. Every year he gets tons of playing in during our Las Vegas golf vacation. I'll have to pass this site onto him so he can get more playing in this summer.